What Next... it's up to you!

It is tempting to say "Is there anyone out there.... ?" but I know from the server logs that there are quite a few of you... and thank you for reading my ramblings :-) However, I don't know anything about you and I would love to get some feedback: am I rambling to good purpose or just "vanity publishing" as the old phrase puts it.

There is a comments form on the pages here and it would be great if people were to use it - even if just to say "I enjoyed that" or "Rubbish!", although it would be better if you could also elaborate on why in the latter case.  I do apologise that the comments are moderated: it's set up like that to stop spammers posting spam here, not to stop valid responses (even if they aren't positive). Perhaps there's a problem with the comments facility that I haven't detected, so for a limited period I've set up a mail alias - blog2011 at ivimey.org - that you can use to contact me.

The next post could be on one of the following topics which I have not ordered in any particular way. Let me know in the next couple of weeks what your would like to see and I'll do my best.

  1. The Future of Digital and Print Publishing.
  2. Consumer- and Media-driven Culture, and why it is bad for us all.
  3. Can-do or Can't-do: is Britain still Great or just an also-ran?
  4. Thanks for all the fish: can the world afford to continue fishing?
  5. Was Heinlein right in predicting the victory of multinationals over governments?

Please feel free to make suggestions, and again, thank you for reading!